One night in Bangkok.

Scratch that. One night in Park City.

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Bangkok Thai, though.

A “rest day” for the Tour de France and Cholula NOT needing post-surgery care yesterday meant it was a prime evening for date night!


The restaurant had outdoor seating, right on Main Street. The weather was ideal, finally cooler after a hot day (even for Park City).  We were situated for good people-watching. I just love going out to eat.


Since we’re still in our mini-ban on alcohol, I asked the waitress about interesting Thai drink options. She suggested a Thai iced tea. I ordered it, despite the facts that I don’t like tea very much and also don’t care for sweet drinks. But why not try something new?


It was a lovely, vibrant orange color when it arrived at the table, topped with cream. A quick stir made it resemble an orange creamsicle in a glass. I bravely gave it a tentative sip.




It wasn’t as sweet as I had expected, but it definitely tasted like tea. It was kind of like melted tea ice cream. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favorite new thing. And it definitely wasn’t a glass of wine.

We shared an awesome plate of fresh spring rolls- one with lobster and mango, one with crab and apple, and a pretty traditional one with shrimp and rice noodles. We experimented with the various dipping sauces. My combination of choice was the tamarind sauce with Sriracha- nice and spicy!


We shared two dinner options- pad thai with shrimp and green curry with veggies and tofu. Both were delish, and we chatted away as the stars began to come out above us. People strolled by, some with European accents, some marveling at my salmon-colored beverage. The kitchen was as slow as a snail, but the service made up for it.




It didn’t take long for our bellies to become full. As she wrapped up our leftovers, our sweet server asked us if we would like to participate in the two-for-one special… yes, please! Bonus! With that discount and without the usual bottle of wine on the bill, our date night was an unexpected steal. The lights of Main Street winked at us as we strolled back to the car. It was fun to be out and about, even just for dinner.

Not bad for a Tuesday. 


Now, if I could only get that song out of my head…


  1. All that cooking you do for others… it’s time you got a nice break! Looks yummy and I’m not convinced that you really enjoyed that tea ???? You’re face says it all. Great capture of the moment.

      1. HA HA! Yes, it does. I’m not sure if you loved it … but honestly it looked delicious. Maybe it’s one of those things that has to grow on you. I’ll have to try one some time.

  2. i walked RIGHT by that same restaurant when i was in park city a couple of weekends ago, and was drooling over all of the yummy looking noodle dishes. looks delish! i actually like thai ice tea, but definitely more for a dessert – so sticky sweet! its a totally different cuisine, but if you like coffee you should try to find a vietnamese place that serves viet ic – super strong iced coffee with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk….swoon!

    1. It’s good Thai food! I had no idea they do 2 for 1 deals all summer long- score! Ya, too sweet for me. I do love anything with sweetened condensed milk, though. Sure to be delectable for a dessert!

  3. My god I LOVE Thai food! So delish. Your face on the second tea picture is hilarious :). Glad you had a great night. I did have a glass of wine yesterday (some family unexpectedly stopped by so it was called for!) I cheers ya since you aren’t drinking it lol.

  4. I can’t imagine you two (because I know you not at all) NOT going to Bangkok. Let me plan your trip – 3 days in Bangkok, quick flight to Chiang Mai for 3 days, go to Pai for 3 days, fly Chiang Mai to Phuket, go to Ko Phi Phi for 4 days on the beach and then you can come home, unless you want to hit Siem Reap/Angkor on your way out. Actually, go to Cambodia first. 🙂 yay! travel! oo, and guess what – the thai food is really good in Thailand. I so have ants in my pants right now.

    1. You do, antsy pants! I think John has been to that part of the world but it’s been a long time. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Phuket. I still have to read about Cambodia!
      Now I want leftovers.

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