Bliss bits 7/11.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday! Here are the little bits from this week that made me smile.


Cholula’s favorite “I can see all” perch in the house. 


Thistle about to bloom.


A tasty snack of my childhood- graham crackers and chunky peanut butter. (Milk required.)


Crazy Park City skies.


Hello, Mama. How do my ears look?


John sent me this photo from a bike ride because he knew it would make me happy. It did.


Dinner with the friend I’ve had the longest!


This is half peanut butter cookie, half chocolate chip cookie- gooey in a pan. With ice cream. WHAT?!


My no-alcohol mocktail- cranberry juice, tonic, lime. Meh.


Family nap time.


Fake chik’n sandwich. Actually delish!


Where the puppy likes to sleep while I cook…


A dress with a pretty pattern in awesome colors.


Raindrops on concrete. Such a delicious smell!

You know. Just the usual bliss.


  1. Did you even make those potato chips? Everything always looks so good. You a level 10 presentation wizard too. Well done.

    1. HA! No. I also did not make the fake chik’n (which cannot be spelled “chicken” since it is NOT)… but the props on the presentation make me happy! I am such a nerd when it comes to taking pics of my meals…

    1. Kate! Thank you for such sweet words! Yours is one of the first blogs I fell in love with when I started writing mine a couple of months ago. You definitely inspire me! 🙂

      1. Hey lady any interest in writing a guest post for 365 til 30 on Friday? I wanted to email you about it but I can’t find a contact email! Lemme know:)

  2. Amber, I loved this post! You have such a fun attitude. And yes, why is that raindrops on concrete smells so delicious? It’s such a summertime smell!

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