Champagne Wednesday.

Well, ok, it’s technically Cava, but it’s bubbly. And I’m having a mini-celebration!


(Yes, we registered for champagne flutes.)

I should probably mention that for me, basically any occasion warrants champagne. It’s my favorite. Something about the bubbles rising up to burst near the rim of the glass, tingling your nose, seems like a tiny sparkling fireworks display. It makes it a party. Even if it’s Wednesday.

On April 26, I started the countdown for my Life List. I wrote about it here. I have done a decent job tackling some of the challenges I came up with for myself- some easier and more fun than others. #76 on my list is ‘Get 50 followers on my blog’– and today, I crossed it off!

I would like to thank The Blazing Trail for being lucky #50. Cheers to you!

As I’ve mentioned, I started this blog just for me, to help me retain perspective on my happy life. I’ve realized that I really enjoy writing it. I have also realized it feels good to know there are people reading the words I write- and choosing to return to read more! (Thank you for that compliment.)

I feel like I need a new goal to replace #76 on my list, since it happened so fast (the deadline isn’t until January of 2015!). I’ll think about a new blog-related challenge while I enjoy my celebratory beverage. Got a suggestion? Please share it with me!

Because it’s always good to have another reason to pop a bottle of bubbly. Cheers!


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