Away I go.

So… my life is less than ordinary these days.

In the last few months, I’ve been asked by my best friend to be his wife. My job revolves around travel and new experiences, and I work wherever and whenever I want. I’ve watched the finishing touches go into the house we’ve been building for a year and marveled at the space I get to call ‘home.’ I’ve packed up two households and (mostly) successfully combined them into one. I’ve started the fun processes of exploring a new town and planning a wedding (which I love!). Oh, did I mention that we added a rambunctious puppy named Cholula into the mix? Change is my new normal.

It feels like multiple lifetime milestones are tumbling together into one big snowball of ‘meant to be’ this year. And it’s only April. As expected, all of the new and different can feel chaotic, and isn’t without stressful moments (or days or weeks). But most of the time, I catch myself feeling unbelievably lucky. My dad reminded me during some too-recent hard times that ‘this too shall pass’- and I know that applies to the good stuff, too. But instead of waiting for all of this good to end, I’ve decided to cling to these happy days. I’m intentionally choosing to see the happy in ALL of my days.

Big joys. Little smiles. You know…just the usual bliss.


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