Pigs, shoes, and chocolate.

British pigs are going to change the world.

I’ve mentioned my love for the work of Edward Monkton before. I first learned of him in the checkout line at Barnes and Noble. On one of those racks with small, random booklets, I glimpsed an illustration that drew me in.


Clearly, I had to investigate.

The tiny book is only a handful of pages long, but the joyful and positive story within it caused me to immediately add it to my pile of books to purchase. The Pig of Happiness is basically about a pig who decides to veer away from the commonplace negative attitudes in the barnyard and just be happy. And amazingly enough, he was so full of happiness that it spread to other animals- the sheep, and even the chickens. (You can watch a little video of the story here– in Monkton’s charming British accent, no less.)

Oh, if only we could all be little piggies. 

I started leaving copies of The Pig of Happiness as a ‘thank you’ gesture whenever we stayed at someone’s home. Kids love it. Adults love it. I adore the message and feel compelled to share it.

Happiness breeds happiness. Happiness is a choice. 

Upon further research, I learned that Mr. Monkton had a whole slew of randomly titled but similarly themed books. Books with names like The Lady who was Beautiful Inside and The Shoes of Salvation started filling up my guest room bookshelf. I now have a cheerful little collection of Edward Monkton books.


Snippets that make me smile:


From the book Happiness.

From the book The Wonderful Man.

From the book The Shoes of Salvation.

From the book The Lady who was Beautiful Inside.

From the book Shoes, Chocs, Bags, and Frocks.

From the book The Lady and The Chocolate.

From the book Love.

Now go out into the barnyard and be a happy pig. 


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