Ramble on.

Hit the road, Jack. Sayonara, sweetheart. Adios, amigos…

However you want to say it, it’s about time to load up the iPod with good tunes, grab the ragged stack of map books, stock up on snacks, and add some miles to the odometer!

You’ve met Betty. Well, she’s been resting for many months, but I think she’s feeling the itch, too. Today I gave her the trailer equivalent of a day at the spa. I opened the door and windows to air out winter’s musty gloom. I washed all of her towels and linens. I cleaned out the food box, tidied her tote baskets, washed sleeping bags. The works.

I made a list of items to restock, recalling what we needed on our last jaunt, and thought about the amazing summer Betty gave us last year. A few photo booth strips we keep on the closet door (attached with our random collection of travel magnets) made me laugh. (Incidentally, today’s photo was inspired here, too.)

We’ll be heading out for Betty’s 2012 debut on Monday, just a short two-dayer to knock the dust off of our camp skills. It will be Cholula’s first camping trip.

A summer of new adventures is ahead of us. I can’t wait to see what photos make it onto the closet door this year!

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