Don’t I know you from somewhere?

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen 7:00 AM.

I’ve mentioned my difficulty with mornings before. In my not-so-distant past life, the starts to my weekdays were not pleasant. They meant being shocked out of sleep by the voices of NPR, blaring from the alarm clock across the room, strategically placed to force me to get out of bed to turn it off. No matter! I’d get out of bed, walk across the room, hit ‘snooze’ (hard) and beeline it back to my cozy nest. I’d do this at least 5 times, falling easily back into deep REM sleep in 9-minute intervals (sometimes dreaming I was actually up and already getting ready for the day). When I couldn’t push it any later, there’d be a grumble (or at least a loud SIGH) as I threw back the covers and finally, finally got up. I’d stumble blindly, desperately, through the house toward my Savior- the coffee maker.

It’s amazing how much a $24 appliance from Target can mean to someone.

These days, my schedule is flexible and my office is my home. I finally have something I’ve always wanted- the ability to sleep in. Sure, I’m less productive…but I’m far more pleasant to be around when I wake up. But I made a commitment on my Life List to make a habit of waking up earlier each day. I’ve learned that I function well on a routine. I need a schedule to be my best. Despite the many, many years we’ve been at odds, I’m going to really try to give my relationship with morning another shot.

Sigh. It’s gonna hurt.

This morning, the iPhone alarm next to my bed started its tune just before 7AM. Cholula, who is on the same sleep schedule as her Mama, rolled over, annoyed.


No, I wasn’t tackling my list already. John had taken the red-eye flight from Anchorage after heli-skiing for a week in Valdez, Alaska. His flight was due to arrive in SLC around 7:45AM, and no early morning was going to make me miss this airport run. As I got up, I looked out the window.


The early sunshine was making the fresh bits of spring green even more vibrant. The sky had some clouds, but it had a lighter, almost new-looking blue color that I don’t usually get to see. As my beloved coffee-maker sputtered away, I watched the sky change and the mountain behind the house come alive when the morning sun hit it for the first time.

At that moment, with a hot cup of coffee in hand, 7AM looked pretty good.

Maybe I can do this after all.

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