Bliss Bits 4/7/2020 (Quarantine Version)

Oh, hello. Has it really been since the end of January that I posted? And about a getaway last fall? Life has been more than a little crazy for all of us, hasn’t it? Park City is completely shut down, like much of the country. Restaurants, churches, gyms, music venues, bars, schools, libraries, and even the ski resorts have all been closed for weeks. The blip of warm weather we enjoyed for the first couple of days of quarantine switched back to snow for a while, so the relief of running the boys around outside in the sunshine (and soaking up my own Vitamin D) was gone. If that wasn’t bad enough, Salt Lake City experienced a mid-sized earthquake (5.7) recently, which added to our collective anxiety. Online preschool is chaotic and Oden misses friends. I miss friends, too! And just how many dog walks can we take in a day, anyway? Can we all agree..? March was WEIRD. Sigh. All of that said, we are blessed with a full freezer and well-stocked pantry, warm shelter, plenty of games and toys and artwork to keep us busy, and even plenty of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. The days are getting warmer, everybody is healthy, and I’m extraordinarily grateful for these things. Now’s a great time to focus in on our own wellbeing, whatever that looks like for you. Time to read or write, take walks, snuggle with the dog, dive into a project, tackle some spring cleaning, figure out weird Common Core math with your kids. Pull out a puzzle. Hand-write some joyful notes to mail to loved ones. Hop online for a yoga class. Start a side business. Dive into the blog you love so much! Breathe. See this break in normal life as an opportunity, not a punishment. And lest you think that I’m somehow handling this strange time with grace and patience…I’m reminding myself of this as I’m writing the words for you to read. Look around for the little happy things. In times like this, we realize those are the BIG things. Here are just a few of our blissful bits during the crazy month of March. Let’s connect! I’d love to hear from you in a comment or email. Find your smiles today!

Mo is 16 months old and likes to get into boxes.

One of the few places we can go? The trails! Family hikes are fun.

Big fella!

Before quarantine, Oden had a couple of swim lessons and we saw Madeline!

I sponsored an awesome event of fitness/health-minded women with these gals.

My folks came to visit for Oden’s birthday. My dad brought his saxophone!

My mom brought my old Cabbage Patch dolls. Remember the craze over these things?

We hosted a big old party for Oden’s birthday! I can’t wait to share it.

And just like that, he’s four years old. Anyone been reading since before he was born?

A teepee indoors is smart- especially during quarantine!

Morrison is social distancing.

Snow in the neighborhood.

Coffee makes me smile!

What better time to be in the kitchen than now? Homemade meat sauce. Yum.

Madeline’s mommy, Lauren, made Oden this awesome game! So sweet.

We hunt for window rainbows in different neighborhoods. Has your kid done this?

Lots of together time. Someday this hand will be bigger than mine.

We had some fun on St. Patrick’s Day! Oden made me this necklace. He ate his.

It makes me sad to see Oden playing alone so much right now, but he’s ok.

We are slowly discovering Legos!

These protein balls are on rotation in this house. I’ll share them soon!

Artwork for care packages.

Staying in shape while stuck at home!

When you can’t play with friends, MAKE a friend!

Mo likes the carrier lately. Snug-a-bug.

Chewy loves social distancing with Dad when he skis.

On a walk in a Salt Lake park, I spied proof that spring is coming!

View from my walk in Liberty Park, SLC.


Oden’s saintly teacher, Ms. Linda, organized a way for class to continue.

Sign of the times.


We all could use a bit of luck.

My Arbonne team is collecting donations for healthy nutrition kits for medical workers.

Listen to Snoop! Stay in your hizzle.

We posted our own window rainbow!

Happy hour with old college friends in Durango and Denver!

I discovered a drive-through donut shop. Uh oh. My kryptonite!

Remember all the beauty in the world.

Master negotiator. Brave explorer. Boundless energy. Heartbreaker.

A daily reminder.

One year ago, Morrison looked like this. 

Two years ago, Mo was baking and Oden was counting California flowers

Three years ago, I had bangs and wagon walks with Bear were a thing. 

Four years ago, Auntie Amanda met baby Oden

Five years ago, we were hiking the hill behind our old house. 

Six years ago, the Fam was in Kauai!

Seven years ago, I surprised Amanda in California from behind a bunch of sunflowers.

8 years ago, Cholula had not yet grown into those ears…

And right now, let’s remember this so we can all play together again soon. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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