Bliss Bits 10/7/2019

Welcome, October! There’s no doubt anymore that fall is here. The heater has been on for weeks. The back hill is covered in frost every morning. We had a huge hailstorm the other day and the temperatures have dropped significantly. It’s been crazy to watch the leaves change color so quickly- one day, the trees are green. The next day, there’s a patch of yellow or orange or red, and then it spreads. Beautiful. Suddenly, we’re scrambling for warm coats and hoping Oden’s winter shoes are going to fit and wondering just how long it will be until the white stuff starts to fall. The last couple of months were full of late-summer bliss and some pretty big milestones. I’m feeling particularly grateful as we enter this month. Take a peek at some recent smiles (in no particular order)!

The day before Oden started school, we rode the trolley for one last “summer” ice cream.

Fall is magical on the hiking trails!

Little boy, big sky. The field by the library is fun.


Nibble, nibble little piggies.

Auntie Frances came to visit from North Carolina! We had so much fun.

We went to the annual Autumn Aloft hot air balloon festival in our neighborhood.

Summer concerts! Warren Haynes with Govt Mule.

A view of the back hill.

Hiking with an ever-growing baby!

Morrison likes helping me shop.

The deer usually munch these holly hocks before they get this big.

Breakfast for dinner! Yummy frittata.

My dad is feeling great! Here he is on an RV trip to Lake Louise!

Happiness is Auntie Fran’s lap.

Oden made this on his first day of school.

I’ll take another cup…

Mo’s hair is growing!

When Dad falls asleep while doing nap time.

My friend Rachael is a very talented florist!

Looking for trouble!

Temptation looks like this.

Brunch at Silver Star Cafe!

Rain boots for exploring the back hill.

I found old photos of me and Amanda! We’ve been friends forever.

Milestone moments. Heart explosion.

We introduced Oden to classic Drumsticks!

Labor Day is Miners Day in Park City. We went to the parade.

Life is a little bit of chaos at all times these days.

We visited Oden’s school for the Welcome Tea before his first day.

Priceless artwork.


A reminder of how lucky we are to live here!

Early morning play time. Check out that bed head!

Under the pines and aspens.

View from the top!

It’s too cold to do this now.

Back porch hangs with my posse.

My succulent garden was very happy this year!

Date night.

Lucky me.

Very relaxed at his first dentist appointment!

Family selfie!

Mo’s first ride in the bike trailer!

Oden and his buddy, Cairn. Trouble!

Made me laugh!

This little guy is on the move!

Practicing without floaties at the pool.

This parsley plant froze.


As the opposite of a morning person, I liked this quote!

We love visiting Mr. Lang at the Hungry Miner for custom donuts.

Ladies night at High West Distillery! My favorite drink is the Dead Man’s Boots.

The Tour of Utah went by our neighborhood!

The moose are back. AMAZING.

I joined Oden on his first preschool field trip to our local fire station. 

What’s up, Gnomey?

Oden shares my love of gourds…

I started work again with Arbonne! I’m doing the Healthy Living program. Join me!

John and I spent two kid-free nights at a cabin in the woods. Stay tuned!

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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