Bliss Bits 5/30/18

I knew I’d been a bit of a slacker, but I didn’t realize how long it had been since I’d done a Bliss Bits compilation. It’s been since the end of February and let me tell you, I am SO overdue! As I scrolled through the photos of the last few months, there were so many happy little moments I’d already forgotten about. That’s the exact reason I love these posts! As has been the norm over the last year, we’ve been challenged regularly with the stresses of life- some small, some not so small. I would have a batch of photos ready to share and then another wave of bad luck would hit, so I’d put it on the back burner. It’s so easy to let that dark cloud remain lurking overhead, but as these pictures below prove, there are always things to smile about. It’s good to remind myself of that, on good days and bad. Bear with me- this one’s a doozy, with 1,000 photos out of order. I hope they bring you a smile the way they do for me. Thanks for being here!

Oden’s playhouse has an old phone inside! So weird that it’s kind of a relic now.

Post-Mother’s Day brunch, taking in the view with Uma.

Silver Star Cafe has such cute birdhouses as decor.

Mother’s Day brunch family selfie!

30 seconds after my mom surprised me for Mother’s Day. Mommies together!

My Mom’s Day bouquet from John. So joyful!

We got caught in a rainstorm on a walk, so we warmed up with popcorn by the fire.

Oden loves helping me care for my plants and flowers!

A happy reminder at the dog park.

We are working on Cholula’s beach body together this season.

Oden’s first lollipop (aka a bribe at the doctor’s office!).

Backyard sunset view.

Oden added to the birdhouse collection in the backyard. So cute.

What an afternoon on the banks of a creek looks like with a toddler.

Oden tested out a friend’s Strider bike. Where did my baby go??

Some kind of salted caramel bread pudding miracle.

That’s his “I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing” face.

Pulled out of Oden’s pockets after a neighborhood walk. Dandelion patrol!

We baked! Oden loves cooking with Mama.

Signs of spring (with snow on the ground).

Music baby.

We hosted taco night with our friends who moved back to town! Hooray!

Oden adored the carousel ride at the zoo! We went twice.

Flowering trees fill Park City right now.

Breakfast, anyone?

Bits of happy sunshine!

This person HAS to be fun, right?

What our hikes look like these days. Spring in Park City is lovely.

How cool are these grocery store flowers?

Peeking at some neighborhood horses.

The most beautiful bouquet, picked for me by Oden.

It’s all there is.

Smoothie face!

Testing out some toddler shades!

My dad helped me hang a pretty plant in our room.

Favorite colors.

Oden and his buddy, Tucker, at Music Together class.

Ahhhh. Breathe.

I adore old vehicles. This truck was pristine!

Taco salad bowl. Yum!

Thankfully, snow is melted now. But we enjoyed it while it lasted. Yummy snowball!

Backyard sledding session! His joy is contagious.

Just working in the yard.

Made me laugh!! I’m the ringmaster!

I hung a cute little trailer for the birds. Makes me want to go camping!

Our orange chairs finally made it to the new house!


Another cute hanging plant in the fun interior window to my office.

Oden’s room is dark and cozy.

We went to Carlsbad! My BFF spent a day with us. This is my happiest face.

We had a view of the ocean and flower fields from our condo.

This lily is as big as my head!

Mom life.

Doesn’t this scream “SPRING!”?

Brown butter bourbon chocolate chip cookies to send off with friends who moved away.

Grilled haloumi cheese at Twisted Fern around the corner from our house.

The taller, the better!


Cheers with Papa. How happy is Oden?

John bought me a cool shirt.

Nacho mama!

Two sweet little duckies. My heart swells!

We spent our first night away from Oden at Snowbird Resort!

Bed hog!

A fantastic grapefruit cocktail at the Hotel Park City bar.

Sweet little troublemaker.

A solo lunch on a chilly day- onion soup and wine!

When you pick up dinner but then get locked out, at least you have pizza to eat.

Flowers make me happy. Always.

These two are in cahoots.

My bathroom succulent bloomed!

Carrying this big happy boy on my back for a hike makes me feel like Wonder Woman!

Teepee life.

Little rock star.

Ride! Ride!

Enjoying the snow but dreaming of spring.

Date night at Tupelo. Hi, biscuits!

Winter view from my bathroom window.

A happy corner of the house.

John made french toast! Yum!

When you freeze your tushie off because you love your dog…

My family exploring the neighborhood.

We’re townies now! We love biking around the ‘hood.

SO spoiled.

“I do it!” Oden is expressing his independence at any opportunity lately!

My favorite alarm clock.

Someone was prepping for a project.

I always intend to plant these in the yard…

Yay for toddler towers!

We spent a couple of days at the beach during our Carlsbad vacation with my folks.

Bird of Paradise at sunset. Cali style!

Me and my boys! A family selfie on the pier.

Sandy, chubby toes… things I want to remember forever.

He was fascinated and wary of the ocean.

The ranunculus fields were simply stunning!

Reading with Papa.

There were some resident bunnies at the condo! Lots of bunny hunts.

Our condo’s view.

Wearing Papa’s hat!

Oden was a mostly good traveler on the trip!

This tropical leaf lasted forever in my bathroom.

Look at these incredible tulip hybrid flowers! Or lilies? I’m not sure!

New travel gear for our big boy.

The shakshuka at Five Seeds is SO good.

Sweet little song (sounds like “tortilla”…)

I baked my famous enchi-ritos on a chilly night!

Such a good dose of perspective.

Life motto!

A photo could not do this double rainbow justice. It was GLORIOUS.

It’s me! Sometimes use of mascara and a blowdryer needs documenting. 

I binge-watched Parenthood and am trying to get back into my beloved reading habit.

Warm-weather days! Checking out the ducks. 

Oden helped me plant some herbs, and then enjoyed his first popsicle! 

Donuts in any form. My favorite. 

Bliss on the front porch. 

My mom planted an apple seed from Oden’s apple. It’s growing!

I made legit biscuits. Thanks, Magnolia Kitchen!

Excited to head out on a family bike ride!

The current backyard scene. Perfect. Really embracing this season of renewal!

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