Bliss Bits 11/5/2017

How is it already November? There are only two months left in 2017. Time flies by faster and faster with each year. Truthfully, this hasn’t been my most “blissful” year. I remember toward the end of last year, I was so overwhelmed by life stress that I felt just ready for it to end…and yesterday, I caught myself wondering if I’d feel the same about this year. Someone gave me good advice once when I was a new mother: don’t wish the time away. As in, don’t allow thoughts like, “When XYZ happens, I’ll be happier…” or “When Oden can do this, it will be easier…” The advice applies to all areas of life. Wishing for the future takes away the opportunity to see the joy of right NOW. I’ve been unbelievably challenged this year in all areas of my life, but that advice rings true to me. Don’t wish the time away. Make these moments count. Find the joy that’s hiding under the stress or sadness or exhaustion. Believe it or not, it’s there! Seeking the little happy moments doesn’t discount struggles you might be experiencing, but it just might make it a tad easier to get through them. Here are some of my recent blissful moments!

A hike with Daddy behind the house. I promise Oden enjoyed it!

Trouble times ten.

One of the last fall hikes of the season…snow is coming! See more fall hikes here.

The most beautiful take-out salad.

Proud to be stomping around in Daddy’s shoes!

Taking Piggie and Doggie for a ride.

Sometimes he gets a turn, too!

My friend Nancy took this shot of our house from the trail behind it. I love this perspective of the ‘hood!

Cholula turned 6 and got a birthday cookie after our hike!


Oden tossed this sock out of his window and we had to drive around the neighborhood to find it…

He’s just gotta dance when he hears the music!

Small town living: A day to honor our UPS guy, Fonzi! He’s the best!

A delicious date night at my favorite restaurant.

Being LOUD makes him extra happy!

My friend hosted a girls’ night with a sushi-rolling caterer!

We had a post-sushi dance party. Thank you, sake.

He loves his little kitchen.

The number of moose in our neighborhood this year is incredible!

I love when John cooks for me! (HINT HINT)

If there are churros on the menu, I’m ordering them.

When a Mama is sick, artwork from her kid is better than any medicine!

Grandma (Umma) came to town!

We’ve had a couple of little snowstorms already.

When helping Grandma make muffins means scooping batter into his mouth…

Tasting his hard work!

Cute little jersey, cute messy hair.

We love you, Oden.

Guys. Cholula is fine.

He’s an active little dude!


Of course I had to get these!

This tree doesn’t look like this anymore.

Oden is really good at running and kicking the soccer ball already!

I love exploring old buildings and mines.

A lunch date with myself.

A pretty Park City view on a walk.

“Cooking” me something delicious.

John and I had an anniversary! Read about our wedding week five years ago here.

John had to be out of town on our anniversary, so I enjoyed these by myself!

He did send flowers, though… have you ever seen a bouquet this gorgeous?

I still catch him sleeping in the stinkbug pose.

Checking out the scene at the Fieldhouse.

A couple of boys watching sports.

He’s eating like a big boy these days.

Another glorious sky.

I framed some of Oden’s art.

The best sugar cookie ever! It was so good!

My silly boy who loves to make me laugh!

Storms are coming.

One year ago, Oden wasn’t sure about the pumpkin situation.

Two years ago, we brought my family to Mexico for a laughter-filled week!

Three years ago, we were in Mexico checking out the hurricane damage.

Four years ago, this moose ate our trees, peeked into the house, and napped in the backyard.

Five years ago, I married my best friend

…and spent two weeks in paradise.

Six years ago, we made it home safely from Tulum in time to dress up for trick-or-treaters. 

Seven years ago, we visited Red River Lodge and our story began. 

And this weekend, we sipped an Oreo shake after a tasty dinner date!

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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