Bliss Bits 8/22/2017

How about that solar eclipse yesterday? Did you watch this incredible, rare, don’t-miss-it event? Was it amazing?! I ask, because…well, I sort of missed it. We had other stuff going on, and I didn’t bother to pick up the special glasses, and it wasn’t until the light outside turned eerie that I wanted to be a part of it. My mom is in town, so we sat on the porch and chatted with a neighbor about taking selfies with the sun (apparently a way to see the magic without the magic glasses) and waited for notable darkness. We tried to take some photos and laughed at how bad they were and enjoyed the noticeably cooler weather on the porch. Somewhere mid-conversation, we began to realize the sun was getting brighter and that the eclipse was clearly on its way out… Oh, well! Later, as I scrolled through everyone’s awesome photos of their eclipse-viewing fun, I felt a pang of regret that I hadn’t place more importance on such a unique moment. And then I looked at my lame sun-selfies, giggled, and realized that my memory of the Great Eclipse of 2017 will be laughing with my mom, fumbling with our cameras, chatting on the porch, and missing it entirely. The thought of it makes me smile already!

I’ve had a hard time finding that silver lining in certain moments lately, realizing that once you let your mind trend toward the negative, it keeps rolling in that direction. Thankfully, it works the other way, too! So I’m turning toward the (fully-visible) sun today with some super-happy moments over the last month. Take a peek!

What a sunset for this year’s PsicoBloc climbing event at the Utah Olympic Park!

We hosted dear friends and clinked glasses to many years of Outdoor Retailer Show fun together.

This floatie thingamabob was a big hit with Oden!

Dinners at 9pm on the patio: summertime.

A rare moment of resting for this busy boy!

I love this little monkey, even when he gives me a backache!

Fingerpainting was not as much fun as I thought it was going to be!


A scrumptious meal during the Kimball Arts Festival on Main Street.

Duck whisperer. (Actually, he yells at them, but you know what I mean.)

One of us thought the barn was beautiful.

Question: Is there such a thing as too many bubbles? Answer: NO.

Front yard summer scene, complete with bubble machine! I was more into it than Oden was.

You lookin’ at me?

Brushing his 748 teeth.

Date night at Red Butte Garden with The Decemberists!

This made me laugh! I mean, everyone loves tacos…

Big bed, little dude.

Daddy tapped into his hippie past and braided Oden’s hair!

Discussing guitars with Grandpa (Mmmmpah).

These yellow beauties are the last of our garden’s flowers. Summer is nearing its end…

My mom makes such good food! We had fried tacos one night.

Sharing food is a fun new game! Sharing toys…we’re still working on that one.

One year ago, we took our roly poly nugget to see the Steve Miller Band.

Two years ago, we rocked out with Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Three years ago, I was laughing with this awesome crew of Durango ladies!

Four years ago, a rainstorm thwarted a day at the lake so we drank wine in raincoats instead.

Five years ago, I convinced my whole family to have a costume cocktail party while camping.

Six years ago, John and I were camping for 5+ weeks. This is somewhere in Oregon…or Washington.

Seven years, I was taking in this view up Logan Canyon.

And this morning, I’ve got my mind on some fun fall adventures!

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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