Bliss Bits 4/10/2017

Isn’t it amazing that springtime always arrives? No matter how long, cold, or difficult the winter may be, you can count on the snow melting, the grass greening, and the sun warming your skin at some point. How comforting to know that the surprise snowstorms will come to an end (I’m looking at you, April 9th)! In our future, we have camping trips and airplane rides to look forward to, family visits to get excited about, wagon walks and swinging at the park to fill our sunny days. Those things, and all sorts of little things, too, are making me smile today. What about you? Take a look at a few recent blissful bits!

He’s such a joyful kid! Swings make him giggle. 

Signs of spring in Salt Lake City.

I gave him this avocado to hold in the grocery cart. CHOMP.

This wagon might be our best baby purchase yet!


Flowers that look fake but are real!

He’s ready for summer cocktail hour!

Cholula is a good girl to let Oden go after her ball!

My neighbor sent me this photo. I love this woman!

Boys build forts!

Flowers make him happy, just like his mama.

Birds are returning to the feeders!

A sunset view from the front yard.

A fun quick-speed video from last January that was on our GoPro camera. 

Yes, we had to baby-proof the wine rack! Will this work when he’s a teenager?

Another old, shiny Betty!

Bear joins us on our wagon walks. 

Forsythia is one of my very favorite springtime flowers.

Seasons collide!

Evidence of a little person on my refrigerator.

We are reading about airplanes before Oden and I fly (solo!) to California later this month.

A cheese board for dinner at home. It was so fun and yummy!

It’s a great day at the park when your baby doesn’t crawl through dog poo!

I found a random trailhead and took it. 

A delicious double date night drink!

A monkey in my bed.

The season for walking on the golf course is short, but it’s NOW!

Packing away little things Oden has outgrown is bittersweet.

Ridiculous ranunculus.

It’s pretty…from inside!

When we forget his gloves, he borrows Daddy’s!

One year ago, Auntie made motherhood seem doable

Two years ago, Pops was making margaritas for Easter weekend!

Three years ago, we were in Kauai. Ahhh!

Four years ago, I surprised Amanda for her birthday weekend!

Five years ago, I fell in love with Macy

Six years ago, we were on The Big Island

And this morning, Oden got some unexpected time with Grandma and Grandpa!

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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