Sunday, 10:53AM-11:46AM

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When taking the dog for a “quick walk in the neighborhood” involves pulling on snow pants and your trusty Scarpa boots. When the sidewalk is really a trail winding through scrub oak which is laden with the remnants of the most recent storm, reminding you of cotton and creating magical mini-tunnels through the snow. When you pause along with your dog to see what’s piqued her attention up ahead because while you might bump into a neighbor and their dog, you also might bump into a moose or a herd of elk. When you pause to catch your breath because hiking in snow is hard and are stunned, again, by a view you see daily. When you find it delightful that you can pick out your house in the valley below for the 100th time but all that your dog cares about is how many more snowballs you’re going to throw for her. When you take a little longer to soak in the sunshine than you’d planned because life has been hard lately, the baby is napping at home with Daddy, and you need a minute to clear your head. When you stop and snap 9 photos with your dog in an attempt to get one good shot together because even though it’s “just a walk,” you know it’s special and that you’re lucky.

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