Girl time.

The older I get, the more I value my friendships, particularly those that have stood the test of time. Is there anything better than laughing with an old friend about something that happened years ago, remembering bits and pieces of an event you shared together? Digging up old memories is the best! Molly, Vanessa and I have been friends for a really long time. I have this one photo of a group of us gals en route to a Beastie Boys concert in the 90s.  Molly is standing on the far right and Vanessa is wearing the red tank. I’m in the reflection, snapping the photo on a camera with actual film that I’d have to drop off to be developed later. Nostalgia!


Years go by quickly, and it had been quite a while since we’d all three been in the same room until my wedding almost 4 years ago. Then Vanessa visited Park City that winter during Sundance, and we were together again this summer for Molly’s wedding.

p1000542 img_8696 img_9273 img_9377

It was so special to share that momentous occasion with Molly and for her and Vanessa to meet Oden, but there is never enough time with friends at a wedding. We’d talked about the two of them visiting me at some point, and one recent evening, a text chain between the three of us resulted in plane tickets being purchased. We were reunited once again a couple of weeks ago, here in Park City!

As with any proper girls weekend, we kicked things off with a delicious and boozy lunch at Silver Star Café. We didn’t plan much for our few days together; the goals were to catch up with each other and let the ladies spoil Oden with love. We succeeded! We also didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, but that’s because we were busy enjoying our time together!

img_2745 img_2891 img_2796

Tere, our nanny, spent an evening with Oden so we could go out for a delicious dinner. We brought him with us to lunch one day and had a fabulous dinner at home on another night. There was a lot of laughing and reconnecting and girl talk, which all three of us needed. Cholula loved the full house and managed to photo-bomb us more than once! (PS It’s not easy to take a decent photo with a baby!)

img_2750 img_2754 img_2755 img_1126 img_2747 img_1184 img_1154img_2798p1250240p1250239p1250255p1250257p1250258p1250264img_2876p1250273img_2868

A highlight of the weekend happened when John and Oden sent us girls off on a glorious fall hike. I was so happy for a beautiful day and the opportunity to share one of my favorite hikes with my friends during the most magical time of the year!

img_1242 img_1212 img_1247 img_2909 img_2822 img_2824 img_1224 img_1234 img_1236 img_2821

Despite an early arrival Thursday and a late departure on Sunday, the weekend flew by. It’s hard to be sad when we’ve had multiple visits lately, but Denver and Colorado Springs are not right around the corner and I wish we all lived closer. We vowed to make getting together for a girls’ weekend an annual thing. It’s crazy to think that the next time Oden sees Molly and Vanessa, he’ll be walking (God help me)!

img_1201 p1250270

Until next time, ladies!

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