Get it while you can…

A few shots of some slow Mama hikes over the last couple of weeks.

IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4674 IMG_4688 IMG_4767 IMG_4894 P1240363 P1240356 P1240354 P1240353 P1240352 P1240348 IMG_4928 IMG_4741 IMG_5012 IMG_5016 IMG_5035 IMG_5018 IMG_5027

Tick tock, tick tock. We are in month #9, people. The baby waiting game has begun. While my energy level prompts me to want to lay on a pile of pillows with reruns of Friends (and preferably  a donut), I know that my opportunities to get UP and OUT will be few and far between shortly. Also, my time on the trail has always been good for my soul. It’s where I process my thoughts and feelings best, and I have some pretty intense things going through my mind these days! So, as often as I can muster, I pull on whatever warm clothes still fit me, whistle for a grateful Cholula, and find my way to a trail. Sure, my hikes are shorter and flatter than they used to be, and I huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf a lot of the time. But, as always, I’m more content by the time I get back to the car. Fresh mountain air in my lungs is never a bad thing, and the views are inspiring… and afterward, that donut tastes even better.

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  1. Your walks will make you strong as well as healthy during the laboring – keep it up – WOW – Month 9th – the timer is set and ready for the final countdown 🙂 I am excited for your guys and cannot wait to hear that the wee one has arrived. Happy Bliss Day – Enjoy!

  2. Your snowy pictures ALMOST make me want for snow (I said almost).Today, it will be 80 degrees here and the peaches are already flowering. Best wishes to you on D-day, Amber! It’s going to be the 2nd most wonderful day of your life (the first being when you married John).

    1. I love the snow… for a while! Blooming trees and greenery sounds delightful right now, but it won’t be too long for spring to SPRING in the mountains.
      Thank you for the well wishes! We are excited!!

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