Bliss Bits 8/20/2015

The temperature dipped into the low 40s one night this week. Brrr! I added an extra blanket to my side of the bed and pulled Cholula a little closer. The bus stop is busy again; kids in the neighborhood have started school. It’s that interesting time of year when all of our activities are still summer-y but I secretly daydream about crisp autumn hikes and sweaters and soups. It’s too early, of course. It will be 82 degrees today and our tomatoes are just starting to ripen enough for harvest! It’s a good time to practice being in the moment. After all, the sooner fall arrives, the sooner winter comes… and nobody wants to think about that in August (except my husband). Here are some of the things keeping me smiling lately!


Sometimes I turn around and find this. 


Date night! One the menu: a curry trio and this hottie. 


Thanks, Amanda! #amen




Baked rainbow!


Seriously. She’s got the life!


Welcome to very exclusive and fancy Club Howe! 


We got gussied up for a friend’s 40th birthday party. 


Photo booths are the best!


Warm summer days with friends by the reservoir. Ahhh.


Magical skies!


The Summer of Music continued with Rodrigo y Gabriela!


Super yummy homemade picnic food. 


This hibiscus at the botanical garden was bigger than my face. 


So many salads from our garden! The baby kale is awesome.


There’s a haze in the ‘hood from far-away fires. 


One year ago, I was chilling with these lovelies in Durango!


Two years ago, we drove my family two hours to a lake…to drink under tarps in a rainstorm.


Three years ago, we had a crazy costume cocktail party at our campsite in Durango!


Oh, and Macy looked like this. #legroll


Four years ago, John tricked me into a longer hike…and gave me the best view of my life.


And today, Cholula juggled tennis balls at the park in the sunshine. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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  1. Your bliss bits continue to put a smile on my face every time! 🙂 The concert sounds awesome — I love Rodrigo y Gabriela! And your recipe with the colorful veggies is going to be on my list to make soon. Thanks for sharing these happy moments.

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