Photo Walk: Backyard in June

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This morning, I took my coffee outside in my bare feet and wandered around our yard. The sun hadn’t yet dried the morning dew but it warmed my shoulders. I chirped back at the chipmunks and listened to happy bees on blossoms. I visited each of my potted plant babies, happily growing on the patio. I hummed a John Denver song, still thinking about the documentary I watched last night. I sighed at the empty bird feeder, knowing that the fat-cheeked squirrel we’ve named John Candy (chubby and adorable) has pilfered it again. I climbed the steps to the vegetable garden, which is overgrown with lush weeds (until tomorrow when we plant this year’s bounty). I listened to birds in the trees and searched the back hill for bunnies. June is an enchanting time here; everything feels alive…including me.

June 12, 2015. The yard at the Howe Hacienda. Photos: Canon EOS 60D

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