Color wheel.

It’s that time of year again, when the vibrance of spring and summer turns brown and kind of blah. The leaves have fallen from the trees and the grasses on the hillside are dormant for the season. Soon, snow will coat everything in a frigid blanket, making the world feel like a black and white movie. It feels like a good time to seek out the brightness and color all around me…and share it with you.

P1180225 P1170872 P1180241P1180242 P1180248 P1170849 P1180245 IMG_5579P1180244 P1180249 photo 2P1180260 IMG_5435 P1180254 IMG_5609 P1180270 P1180269P1180246 P1180255 IMG_5386P1180266 photo 4P1180265 P1180263 P1180257P1180261IMG_5553P1180250P1180262 P1170805 P1180252P1180268photo 1IMG_0532 P1180259

Life in technicolor. 

Another ROYGBIV collection

One year ago: Our beloved cottage-on-wheels (and one of my happy places), Betty


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