Bliss Bits 10/23/2014

In four days, John and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary! It basically kicks off the holiday season for us; even our birthdays happen this time of year. We’ve spent this week  close to home, knowing we have multiple trips lined up in the next few months (starting with Mexico on Saturday to assess Hurricane Odile damage). We’re in the calm before the seasonal storm, and it’s blissful. Take a peek.


I made veggie fried rice!


Wisdom in my magazine. 


I talked John into a before-work breakfast date. Coffee was necessary.


Did you see my photo walk around the Avenues? 


The light is tricky in here, but I finally created the LOVE WALL (item #88) in the guest room!


I used the last of our garden tomatoes to make soup.


It was DELISH.


The neighborhood is really colorful still. 


We shut down the patio for the season, which means snow will fall soon!


I’m working my way through the Vive Juicery menu.


Pralines and cream cone at Java Creamery. JOY.


She appears to be winning the Battle of the Bed.


Perfect fall view from a hike.


Baby Christmas trees!


John’s temp-ehgg tacos. Get it?


This fellow visited early one morning.


I’m old and my car is dirty.


I made bread! I’ll tell you about it soon.


I gave up on growing out my bangs. They’re back!


Homemade meat sauce over stuffed shells for the win!


Did you read about my painting class


When one discovers evidence of mice, one freaks out. The result is a spotless pantry…


One year ago, we had another moose (Peeping Tom)! Maybe it’s the same one?


Two years ago, a big snowstorm changed the venue of our wedding ceremony


…and I had a beautiful bachelorette dinner in this cool spot.


Three years ago, I was jealous of John’s amazing beard.


Four years ago, I made friends with this big fella at Red River Ranch. 


And this morning, someone is pouting that she’s not hiking. 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. Loving your moose sightings lately – do not see those around here. I do not like to seeing Choula pouting – makes me sad 😦 We are like you in that our Birthdays kick off with the Holiday season too – oh so much FUN! Happy Anniversary – 2 years and many more to come and adventures to be had 🙂 We hit the 10 year mark back in June and 10/22 was our 15th dating anniversary – I feel old all of a sudden. Happy Bliss Day!

  2. Oh my! That is one big-ass moose. We get white-tailed here — much smaller. In fact, they’re in the rut now, so we are seeing more puffed up males.

    Love your bangs. Its suits your pretty face. And so glad to see you are taking a painting class! I need to go back and blog read for a couple of hours to catch up.

    On butternut, I posted my very first “recipe card” on WP. I don’t have the awesome visuals and time for photos like you do, so mine will never be a food blog! But you might like this one anyway. It’s a hug-in-a-mug. (

    PS — Please…do share that tomato soup recipe. Looks scrumptious.

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