Bliss Bits 10/1/2014

October. The nights are chilly. The red maple leaves have fallen and it’s the golden aspen’s time to shine, a little further up on the hillside. Huge moose have  visited the backyard the last couple of nights, munching my Italian parsley and peering in the window. There’s no anticipating fall; it’s here. Now the trick is to fully enjoy the shortest season before the snow flies. Here are some of the little ways I did that this week.


Sunbeam on farmers market blooms.


A photo from one of John’s hikes.


We had a pancake craving!


Harvest porch.


John took this shot of me trying to capture the color on Empire Pass.


This time of year, the garden is producing but we have to watch for freezing nights.


I made homemade pesto with our basil plant.


A damp hike with Ms. Crooked Ears.


We had company on the trail.


Stay tuned for off-the-hook Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookies! 


We had a date night at Silver. 




Did you try the baked zucchini fries I shared with you? So good!


On opening day, John brought home two birds and made us spectacular chukar parmesan over linguine!

photo-6 copy

A friend gave me this lucky bamboo with a cute little symbolic turtle ornament. 

photo 2

Actually, since 1975. 

photo 1

Double date last night at Copper Common. Nothing wrong with a cookie plate.


One year ago, I was walking over Beacon Hill cobblestones in Boston


Two years ago, we were taking in this Charleston view.


Here’s what Cholula looked like at 5 pounds. #Squeeeeeee


And this morning, I made delicious cream cheese pesto tomato toasts with goodies from the garden. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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