Riding the wave…

What inspires you? 

As any creative person will attest, inspiration comes and goes. I read once that occasionally an artist will work so hard on a piece, put so much of themselves into it, that it taps out the creative juices for a while. I certainly felt depleted after my last work, and for months, I’ve had difficulty focusing on a topic that moved me. At times, I felt like perhaps I had nothing interesting left to offer as a writer, nothing significant to contribute. And I didn’t- at least, not for the moment.

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I tend to pull from my own experiences for my content, and the most personal pieces have been my best. But writing about one’s own life means digging into issues or emotions that are intimate, even private; I’ve sometimes found it draining. It’s HARD to share my own life, especially during difficult times. I come to points were I feel that I’ve exhausted any interesting moments in my life and have to live a little more to gain good ideas or topics.

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I realize now that inspiration comes in waves. If you’re open to recognizing it, it’s everywhere. In the cool fog of a late summer morning that signals autumn’s impending arrival. In the mother and child in the park on a Saturday, so focused on each other’s smiles that the surrounding crowd disappears. In the aroma of a meal that reminds you so much of home that you’re momentarily lost in nostalgia. In a perfect bloom. In your dog’s eyes. In a song. On a trail. In a view. Suddenly, it feels as if I’m surrounded by inspiration again. Small moments somehow feel significant and must be written about. Any contribution is meaningful.

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Maybe the muse has been there all along and I just now can feel it. Creativity can’t be forced. I’ll do my best to ride the waves when they come, taking notes along the way, and learning from the calm in between.

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  1. I find inspiration from #1 my experiences, #2 the Great Outdoors and #3 from my fellow bloggers 🙂 I agree that inspiration as well as creativity comes in waves. I have been in a dry spell lately and finally starting writing again this week. It will come eventually. Happy Day!

  2. I find that inspiration comes and goes. When I’ve had time to be out in nature, or just spending an afternoon cuddling with the dogs something will come to me. It’s the times I’m busiest and I feel pulled in too many directions that I run dry.

  3. From life experinces, special people that are in my life, and of course you silly. You inspire me and so many others. Never underestimate your influence in our lives… 🙂

  4. You can’t force inspiration, Amber. No matter how hard we try, sometimes, there is nothing to write about that fills us with passion. I think the trick to keep going is just that… to keep going. Sure, not every piece is going to be a winner, but the habit of writing will make it a little easier to recognize what inspires us and to learn that it’s always been there right beside us, waiting to be noticed.

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