A summer weekend, in photographs.

IMG_4003 IMG_3983 IMG_3997 P1160107 P1160112 P1160113 P1160117 P1160118 P1160119 P1160120 P1160124 P1160125 P1160129 P1160133 P1160160P1160144 P1160146 P1160163 P1160165 P1160167 P1160168 P1160169 P1160172 P1160173 P1160164 P1160176 IMG_4022 P1160177 P1160178 P1160179 P1160180

Our weekend included an al fresco double date with neighbors, a birthday bash at a glorious ranch, snuzzles with Cholula, time in the garden, time in the kitchen, a booming summer rainstorm, an quiet moments at home. Perfect summer days.

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