ACT the way you want to FEEL.

Recently, a feature on a friend introduced me to another bliss-filled blog, which I immediately gobbled up like candy. A click here and a click there, and I discovered more than one inspiring blog within a group of women in California. As I explored these sites, it became apparent that the Venice area is home to a nurturing, loving tribe of friends who enjoy intentional, healthy, active lives- and have a lot of fun together in the process. My crew of girlfriends in Durango have the same incredible vibe going on: a pack of very different women in very different places in their lives, finding a common ground of love and support for each other. Sadly, it’s often not the norm between women- but it’s how female friendships should be.

It was through one of my new daily reads that I stumbled upon “Act the way you want to feel.” I immediately connected with the concept of choosing your own path- the belief that your attitude plays a large part in determining the course of your life. My mom recently reminded me that we had a sign in our home when I was little that said, “Attitude is everything.” Want to feel healthy? Act in ways that reflect that. Want to be happy? Be happy. It’s your choice. It’s so in line with the basis of The Usual Bliss! I sent a note of thanks and support to the creator of the site, and felt honored when she responded with an invitation to participate.

I’m thrilled to spread the concept of “Act the way you want to feel” to my little corner of the world with a feature on the site today. Wander over, poke around, and ponder how YOU choose to lead the life you want to live.



  1. I just read something else today that says essentially the same thing with different words…must me a message I am meant to hear! 🙂

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