Scrambled in the sun.

How do you like your eggs?

Poached? Sunny-side up? Over-easy? Fried? Just like how a person takes his/her coffee, how someone fancies their eggs is specific and personal. There’s something sweet about knowing these preferences about a friend or loved one. I grew up eating eggs like my Dad eats them- scrambled, well done. It wasn’t until recently that I got on board with the wonder that is a drippy yolk. (Dad is shuddering.) If I’m ordering one of my favorite breakfast classics, like Huevos Rancheros or Eggs Benedict, I like the eggs to be over-medium: cooked, but still a teensy bit runny. Baby steps, people.

I don’t eat breakfast at home very often, but I’ve been trying to be better about The Most Important Meal of the Day. So last week, as John toiled away in his office with his new job, I padded downstairs into the glorious morning sunbeams and put together breakfast for us. I took a moment to enjoy the light coming through the windows. Despite my lifelong troubled relationship with morning, it really is a lovely time of day. We should be better friends.


(Side: Today looks like this.)


John loves a simple omelet with fresh ingredients in it. I have no idea how to make an omelet. I actually have no idea how to cook eggs any way but scrambled. But, since I did have good ingredients on hand, so I decided to make a scramble with a few veggies, fresh herbs, and some feta cheese. Easy-peasy… and hopefully, yummy.


I’ve made it clear that I love bacon– pig in all forms, really. But for some reason, I’d picked up some turkey bacon at the market. It fit right in with my fresh and healthy breakfast goal. I wasn’t sure how much fat was in turkey bacon, so I started the pan with a swirl of oil and popped the meat in the pan- fingers crossed.

(I had real bacon in the fridge if I needed it.)


I chopped up some grape tomatoes and a zucchini and sliced up a small shallot. When the bacon was (sort of) browned, I set it aside. I noticed that it hadn’t left a lot of good bacon-y stuff in the pan in which to sauté my veggies. So I dropped in a small cube of butter, then added the shallot, then the zucchini. I wanted them to be a bit more cooked than everything else in the scramble.


While the shallot and zucchini softened a bit on the stove, I worked on the eggs. I cracked three of them into a bowl, then added a splash of milk. I seasoned the eggs with garlic salt, black pepper, and a lot of fresh thyme. I beat the mixture lightly with a fork, then stirred in the tomatoes and the feta. Let’s cook it up!


I poured the egg mixture right over the zucchini and shallot. I let it sit for a minute, then started to push the eggs around gently with a spatula, mixing the cooked parts in with the not-cooked parts. This is, ahem, a very specific technique (cough).


Scrambling eggs has to be the easiest thing to do in the kitchen. Crack an egg or two, toss in some yummy ingredients, and make the plate pretty. Voila! Some sliced avocado and fresh fruit joined the turkey bacon and eggs on the plate.


Doesn’t that look delicious? 

It was. Thyme in eggs is completely scrumptious, and I really liked the salty bite from the feta cheese. And the turkey bacon? It’s not the same as plain old bacon, but it was yummy. I cleared my plate, and so did John.


I even got the thumbs-up. Bonus.

What’s your favorite way to make eggs? Share with me!


  1. This whole post makes me so happy – especially the “thumbs up” at the end. I’ve been going home at lunchtime lately and making myself a little omelette. But, I’ve also been loving a hard boiled egg to accompany my morning oatmeal (don’t worry – not on the same day!). This is a really good reminder to make my man breakfast before he heads to work… it seems like such a great way to show love and support.

  2. I’m a HUGE egg eater! It used to be nothing but scrambled then turned into an over medium lover and now I’m a daily omelette eater! If there is no time in the morning we eat breaky for dinner! My technique is similar to scrambling but just leave them for a minute (skip your pushing the eggs around technique!) while the bottom gets all cooked and then one solid flip! I add peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach or kale (whichever leafy greens I’ve got on hand!), and cayenne. After the flip I add some crumbled feta on top and after another minute or two its done! Topped with some hot sauce or salsa and that is my favourite! If we’re on the go I wrap it all up in a tortilla or if I’m feeling extra hungry, I plop it on a bagel!

  3. that scramble of yours looks so fresh, springy, and delicious 🙂 we LOVE eggs! it’s one of the few things that my husband can masterfully cook. we eat them all ways – omelets, poached, baked, scrambled, you name it (except sunny side up – ew!). one of the fun things we like to do is make scrambles with leftovers. whether that be a fancy steak dinner, or boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings (don’t judge – it makes for an amazing breakfast), we’ll throw almost anything in there 🙂

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