You would even say it glows.

It’s time for a SNOW DANCE.


Park City finally got a smidge of precipitation, some of it even in the form of snow! But we need more. The California girl in me is slightly shocked I’m saying this, but it’s not Christmastime without SNOW.


So we added a few snowflakes of our own, hoping Old Man Winter gets the hint!


I love the snowflakes- they even sparkle! Cholula doesn’t seem to be digging the strands of light this year- unlike last year. Here’s a few shots from a year ago- look how teensy!


Not so teensy now!


Slowly but surely, it’s beginning to look a lot like… well, you know.


Tonight, we go tree hunting– and tomorrow? Homemade eggnog madness, with John’s family recipe dating back to the 1860s! All that’s missing is a little of the chilly white stuff!


Dear Jack Frost,

If you sprinkle some REAL snowflakes for me, I’ll warm you up with some very strong eggnog. What a deal!  

Hope your holiday season is off to a sparkly start!


  1. In Wisconsin, we’ve been having 60 degree days! It’s an atrocity! When you get your snow, kindly send some our way. 🙂

    Love the snowflake lights!

  2. LONG LIVE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT! We only have lights on our tree and around our front door, but I am itching to get more on the outside of our house (this is my first time EVER decorating the outside of my house.) Nothing is better than seeing people who don’t have the “bah, humbug” spirit of Scrooge – there is no shame in cranking the holiday tunes and dancing along.

    I listened to Mariah Carey twice on my way into work this morning.

    I am not ashamed.

  3. Gorgeous, Amber! Love the holiday feel. We do indeed need some more snow in order for it to really feel like Christmas. It’s not snowing here in Chicago yet either.

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