It’s just good manners.

Turkey Day is almost upon us!


Cholula’s new toy makes me exceedingly happy (even though turduckens are weird).

We head off to Durango for the holiday weekend tomorrow. In the spirit of the season, I sat down to write about what I’m thankful for. Let me share what I came up with.


Is that cheating? Maybe. But it’s true.

When I realized where this way of thinking was heading, I thought it might be easier to think of things I’m NOT thankful for. Everything that popped into my head was something I was able to think positively about (even if it took awhile). My therapist would be so proud of me.

So that’s my big revelation: I’m thankful for everything.

Go ahead…roll your eyes at Little Miss Bliss. But if you’ve read my blog at ALL, you know that this is what it’s about. Being grateful for the good. Being grateful for the bad. It all has a place in our lives. The downs make the ups sweeter. The ups carry us through the downs. Little. Big. I love all of it, whether it makes me laugh OR cry.

My life is kind of one big pile of AWESOME right now. 2012 has been good to me. Many years haven’t been. And many ahead won’t be, either. In those times, I hope I remember the words I’m pecking out on my keyboard at this moment.

Today is the happiest day. Each day is a gift.

And when one receives a gift, one says thank you.


Gobble gobble!


    1. The toy is from Petco. They have a lot of Christmasy things already. I like the toy because each bird has a different sounding squeak! So far, Cholula just throws it in the air for herself- no destuffing yet!

  1. Haha! The first time I ever even heard of a turducken was just yesterday in searching for a non-meat centerpiece for our table (found one, by the way…veggieducken, if you can believe that). And now I see it on your blog. Go figure! You’re right. Weird they are. That is one seriously cute toy, though.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. Bliss!

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