This week has been an odd one. 

I’ve not been feeling well, and it’s frustrating. This is the time to be on my game! I need to be WONDER BRIDE!

I totally just came up with my Halloween costume.

Despite too many doctor’s visits, there are wonderful things all around. First, the hospital looks like a mountain ski lodge. (Gotta love Park City!)


A break from making meals means unexpected date nights! YAY!


There are new fun things in our yard to enjoy, like a cozy fire pit and sun-filled green grass.


There are mellow strolls in the neighborhood that are beautiful, even though short.


It was chilly enough last night to warrant the first cute wool hat of the season.


I found a LUCKY THREE NUT PEANUT last night.


And then, of course, there is THIS.


And today looks like this.


I’m going to go soak up some of that sunshine! Happy Sunday!


*final image from “Stay Positive.”


  1. Wow, that has got to be the coolest hospital I’ve ever seen!!! When I first saw the picture, I thought you were at a resort! 🙂
    When is the big day?! I’m excited for you!!

    1. Um, well, I used to use a fancier point and shoot (Lumix) that I loved but it isn’t working. So now I’m using my iPhone, occasionally the Hipstamatic app to take photos, and the only editing I do is to enhance the color sometimes or lighten shadows using iPhoto. Someday I’d like a big girl DSLR camera and really learn to take some photos!

      1. I just joined the iPhone crowd a month ago and my Canon sx40 is sitting in the corner crying. I take a lot of photos on it still, but that gosh darn phone makes it SO easy to do everything! I have Instagram, but haven’t tried Hipstamatic yet… hmmm…

      2. I think my camera took WAY better photos so I need a new one. Hipstamatic is just a way to take the photo, I think, and not as much a community like Instagram is.

      3. Agreed – I love the quality of the photos on my camera, but it’s a lot easier to take pictures of “life” with my phone, because it’s always right there and fits in my pocket!

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