And the winner is…


Remember when I wrote about gratitude? Well, I’ve been lax in my thank you notes.

Wedding gifts are starting to roll in.  And my eyes well up with little tears of gratitude with each UPS delivery. Those brown boxes are from people who love us, and it makes me realize what a special time this is. And I’ll have a lot of thank you notes to write.

Over the last month, many of my blogging friends have nominated the usual bliss for awards. Talk about a gift. It never gets old to be recognized by bloggers I admire! It reinforces that the words I put down are being read… and liked. Please take a moment to check out each of these blogs, which vary greatly- endearing, crafty, inspirational, and definitely smile-worthy.

First, Emily from Adventures of a Dog Mom wrote a whole post about blissful blogs and included me. Her kind words warmed my heart. And by now, you should know how I feel about dogs!


Some fab awards:

The Super Sweet Blogging Award from dolacotidiana. Sometimes I post photos of Cholula just because I know it makes her happy.


The 7 Things About Me Award from Diary of a Mad Crafter. Each post inspires my creative side, and not all are crafty- there are awesome recipes, too!


The Reader Appreciation Award from the Repurposed Redhead. Rene is searching for “a deliberate and purposed life.” I love the goal of intentional living!


The Blog on Fire Award from Wayward Dogs. Crystal has a sincere love of animals and community and it’s reflected in her posts. Cholula wants to meet her.


The Liebster Blog Award from lazylauramaisey. Now, when I share my Bliss Bits, I remember that a picture really can say a thousand words.


To my fellow bloggers who included me in their lists of “go-to” blogs, this is my THANK YOU– for reading my ramblings, for inspiring me, and for making me smile today! 


  1. well thanks for the shout out! [and for the Cholula pic, wink] hope all’s well with the wedding planning [can’t wait to see that edition of bliss bits :)]

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