Moon boots and a Happy Meal ring.

The weird wedding-related dreams have begun.

The Big Day is in 47 days! I can hardly believe it. It feels like not long ago that we were at Sundance Resort for my birthday, the day that John proposed.


(Look how tiny Cholula was!)

I’ve had a lot of fun during the wedding planning process. John and I worked together to create a new setting for my engagement ring. The original ring, his grandmother’s, was too big, but too fragile to size down. We used the diamonds, and I just love the ring that I wear now- a beautiful mix of vintage and new.


We sent out fun “Save the Date” cards. I shopped for my wedding dress and shoes. We sampled wedding cake. I’ve watched “Bridesmaids” many times (texting my Matron of Honor each time). I had a lovely champagne lunch with my mom before my dress fitting. John found an incredible suit to wear. One by one, things have gotten crossed off the list. And it’s been so much fun.


That is not to say that it hasn’t been stressful.

As deadlines approach for various to-do items, we’ve had our moments. I say “we” but basically, am talking about my own stress level which spills onto John, the poor guy. As organized as I try to be, there are a lot of details to keep in place!


I’m feeling good about our planning progress today. But apparently, somewhere in my subconscious, the anxiety remains. Because it’s coming out in my dreams.

Weird Wedding Dream #1: We were getting married on a stage at a theater (??) and my dressing room was an actual dressing room. For some reason, a cobbler was making my wedding shoes and when they were revealed to me, an hour before the ceremony, they were MOON BOOTS. Like the boots members of the band KISS wore, but white and bedazzled. This NATURALLY sent me into a frenzy, and my wedding coordinator and I frantically called every female friend I have to borrow shoes. In the dream, I was requesting “silver or gold platform heels.” Hmmmm.

Weird Wedding Dream #2: This one happened last night. It was the day after our wedding. Despite my reminders and suggestions and more reminders, John had assured me that he had the honeymoon under control. On this day, he let me know that he had nothing “officially” planned but we could “play it by ear.” (Side: I hate playing it by ear.) I also had this odd feeling that my wedding ring was the wrong one. During the course of the dream, it grew more and more WRONG. First, it was an odd shape. The next time I looked at it, it had a big yellow stone in it. Then, when I held it up to the light, a very clear McDonald’s logo could be seen in the stone. You know, the GOLDEN ARCHES. I kept saying, “This isn’t the right ring.” Then, I saw that it was a fake gold metal. It was a costume ring of some kind. I was yelling, “IT’S GOLD! IT’S GOLD!” and then I woke up.

Go ahead, laugh. It’s funny! But in my dreams, it’s anything BUT funny. Even after I wake up, I have an anxious feeling in my belly for awhile, wondering what loose ends I’m forgetting about. There’s still a lot to wrap up. There’s also a lot of FUN to be had, starting with a trip to Carmel, California this weekend with my Matron of Honor.

I’m sure there will be more odd dreams to share over the next 47 days… I wonder what the next one will be!Β 

(Incidentally, I’ll wear those KISS moon boots and proudly show off a Happy Meal ring… as long as I get to be Mrs. John.)


  1. Hahaha, oh Amber, those dreams! I’m sure they are just a normal part of the process. I laughed at the McDonald’s arches in your ring. Goodness. Also, I love your save the dates! So very you. And I L-O-V-E the movie Bridesmaids. We actually had it playing in the background as we got ready for my sister’s wedding! It was a hit. The makeup artist (who had never seen it) kept saying she was getting distracted by it because it seemed so funny.

    1. I know, where did McDonald’s come into the mix?? My friend Erica made our Save the Dates and also the rest of the invitations and signage for the wedding. She rocks.
      That movie doesn’t get old! The airplane scene!!!! haha

  2. GOSH that new ring setting is a beauty! I love the idea of something old, cherished being brought into a new life. Wonderful.

    I also greatly appreciate the photographic Bridesmaids reference… congratulations to you πŸ™‚

  3. Jimmy Choo!!!!!!!!! I used to love my trips to Jimmy Choo back in the day. Unfortunately, I was always shopping for other people :(.

    Your ring is so beautiful.

  4. Well, what do you know? You don’t visit a blog for a while then you come back and there’s a wedding in the works. Congrats! Very happy for you. I love your ring photo with your beautiful face, and love the cute puppy! Sweet post!

    1. BONNIE! Got any “Don’t miss!” suggestions…? We are staying at the Cyprus Inn which I think is right in town. We have three nights. It will be special for us both- my BFF has two sweet girls that keep her busy, so she’ll get a pampered break- and for me, well, it’s my pre-wedding trip with one of my very favorite people! I’d love to hear your favorite spots!

      1. Oh good, you will love it!! First Awakenings is very near the Aquarium! I sent out a FB post to three of my friends who live in that area…I will report back if they give me anything good…I am sure they will. If you go to the Tuck Box inn – you have to blog it…I want to know! And buy their scone mix… envious! πŸ™‚

      2. Any intel would be great, since neither one of us know the area. That said, it’s so darn cute that just walking around town seems like fun! I’ll definitely stop in at the Tuck Box, just for you. πŸ™‚

      3. Ok, here is one ‘batch’ of suggestions…from my friend Lianne…lots to choose from, advice from a local!

        Downtown Carmel has lots of places to go wine tasting, including one of my favorites, Scheid Vineyards. But a trip to Carmel Valley (the Village) has lots of wineries, too. You can park in one place and walk. Talbott Vineyards and Silvestri are two of my favorites out there. As far as food goes, the Sardine Factory is NOT as expensive as everyone thinks if they head to Cannery Row! Sit in the bar and do their small bites and a drink and it’s totally affordable and really good. For a really lovely, but pricey meal, one can’t go wrong with Casanova in Carmel. Another favorite is called LaBicyclette and there’s always Flying Fish at the Carmel Plaza. Also at the plaza is the Cheese Shop – it’s a must do if you love cheese! I let the people there pick out cheeses for me for the sampler plate. If I think of more places, I’ll post again!

      4. LOVE IT! Plenty of great-sounding options! I’m sure I’ll leave wishing I had more time to explore! Super excited about the wine tasting. I read that there is a wine walk, sort of a ‘buy a pass and hit specific wineries’ thing. Thank you SO much!! I’ll take lots of photos for you!

      5. But wait..there is more πŸ™‚ This is from my friend Greg:
        I would wine taste at Chalk Rock in Carmel Valley Village, and then have lunch at Toast next door out on the deck. If you can spend time in their garden, taste at Georis as well and order a pizza from the Corkscrew.

        Have fun!!!

  5. Amber, I’m so happy for you. That’s weird to say because, you know, we don’t know one another really, but I’m just so happy for you and your guy. The ring is gorgeous and you just both look so happy. XO

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