Hints of Autumn.

Guys, it’s happening.

Summertime is ending. 

I woke up early today. It was cozy under the down comforter, which made its seasonal debut the other night. When I left the nest, there was such a chill in the air that I put on my warm and fuzzy robe and my slippers before heading downstairs to make coffee. I opted not to turn on the fire because, well, it’s August 25 and that would be ridiculous.

But I wanted to.

When we returned to Park City after our camp trip in Colorado, we couldn’t ignore that the weather is starting to change. There were the unmistakable colors of Autumn on the hillside across the valley, new arrivals that had appeared in the five short days we were gone.


And then a storm rolled in, bringing with it an insane sky and a rainbow. This wasn’t a passing summer monsoon. This was a “remember you live in the Wasatch Mountain Range” preview of what’s soon on the way.


This morning, I kind of loved the feeling of fall in the air. It’s no secret that I love slippers. The colors on the hill are all of my favorite hues. I glimpsed a couple of hot air balloons rising in the distance as I sipped my steaming coffee in my robe. It felt good.


Something fun about the transition to cooler weather is the food. Yes, I adore summertime’s stars from the farmers markets, grilling outdoors, and light, fresh eats. I also love making comfort food- spending hours in the kitchen, filling the house with delectable aromas, and exploring new recipes for casseroles and soups and pastas. John always says that comfort food is my culinary wheelhouse. And I’m ready to knock a few new recipes out of the park!

It’s time for the monthly foodie challenge, something I do with my fellow blogger good friend Tracy from momoftwosalums. A few months ago, we decided to challenge ourselves to cook something new or intimidating and then compare notes. Both of my previous efforts (grilled swordfish and an awesome cake using lemon curd) were successful! This month, we decided to make an Italian dish. Tracy’s making gnocchi (um, YUM) and tonight, I’ve got my eye on a risotto recipe. I’ve always been afraid to attempt to make risotto. It’s one of my favorite Italian dishes- when it’s done right. Wish me luck and stay tuned. (Keep an eye on my foodie challenge partner in crime, too!)

And now, I’ve got a family to wake up and a Saturday to enjoy.


Because summer’s almost over, you know.


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year, the changing of the leaves, the crisp cool air, apple cider and pumpkin bread… love it!

    Risotto is one of my favorite dishes and I ask my hubby for it a lot, he’s an amazing cook. But, it’s really time consuming and he’s told me I should learn to make it myself sometime too. Let me know how yours turns out!

  2. This makes me so happy in the simplest ways. For me, there is nothing that brings a more indescribable, content, warm & fuzzy feeling than those first signs of autumn. It’s my favorite season, by far!

  3. Love this, Amber. I could not be more excited for fall to be on the horizon; however, it always comes with a tinge of sadness that another summer has come and gone. But there is so much to look forward to, including cozy slippers (I’m with you on this one), boots weather, and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING!

  4. I’ve noticed some whispers of Autumn here in Michigan too. I really enjoyed your photos – the mountain views are lovely but I think the photo of Cholula is my fave! Sleeping beauty! 🙂

    1. It’s an early fall this year, probably because summer came on strong and hot right away! I bet it means snow flies early, too. Hmmm. October 27 wedding might be a tad chilly.

  5. Fall is my favorite season, and your photos are so beautiful. They make me miss our place in the NC mountains. I don’t know why mountains make my whole family so happy… they just do. What a wonderful time in your life… even with the dog in the bed. (We also sleep with a dog. Works okay except during thunderstorms. But we are old and tired.) Thanks for bringing me here and for the follow!

  6. To be honest (which I try to be all the time!) I ignored this post as soon as I read the title! I knew I’d come back to it and read it eventually because I adore every one of your posts but I just wasn’t ready to allow autumn in yet!! Strange because Autumn is my favourite time of the year as well. The colours, the smells, the brisk air, the food, sweaters & slippers, I love it all!! Today, being September and all, I’m ready to let go of summer and welcome the changing leaves – they are changing here in Ontario too so whether I like it or not, autumn is coming!

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