Pizza for breakfast.

I’m a big fan of leftover pizza first thing in the morning. 

But first, I want to share something awesome from Positively Positive‘s Facebook page. (I just love their tagline: Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life.)


Trees are awesome. 

So, all day yesterday, I had a craving for pizza. Our final day of the no-meat experiment, I couldn’t get the margherita pizza from Vinto out of my mind! Luckily, John was fully on board for a little date night.

Vinto is rad. A simple menu includes lots of pastas, salads, appetizers… but we always come for the wood-fired pizzas. The wine list is reasonable, the food is consistently good, service is fast, and they have multiple gelato options.

Hmm, I wonder which of those is my favorite part…




We were ravenous when we arrived. Our appetizer was a yummy twist on the traditional caprese, using grilled tomatoes. So good! A couple of salads and two pizzas filled the table quickly. I love the feeling when you’ve been daydreaming about something all day… and then it happens.




No matter how many bites of pizza I’ve enjoyed, I can’t leave Vinto without the gelati and sorbetti sampler. Someone brilliant realized that people want to taste of ALL of the sweet daily options, so they put together small scoops of gelato and sorbetto and serve it with a few cookies. Our flavor selection last night included chocolate, cannoli, spicy honey, strawberry, coffee, and basil. Yum X 6.




We couldn’t decide which was better- the spicy honey or the basil.

So we took them both home with us.


Vinto’s pizza tasted just as good this morning as it did last night. I’m pretty sure cold pizza is considered a “breakfast of champions” in some circles. But don’t think I wasn’t tempted to start my day with a little bit of basil gelato.

Now that’s bliss.

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