Mayday, mayday.

I’m pretty excited about the month of May.

For me, it marks the last bits of spring and is a prelude to all of the joys that summer brings. Today also marks the first day of the Photo-a-Day challenge with the prompt, “Peace.” Check it out here. (For more information on the challenge, go here.)

Participating in the photo challenge is part of my Life List. I love changing the font to indicate ‘in progress.‘ Another item on the list is to see a live band for each letter of the alphabet. Two down, 24 to go! First, I enjoyed really good roots reggae, horns and all, this weekend. Boombala had the crowd moving (including me)!

Last night, John and I had a mini-date- dinner and a concert. One of our favorite bands, Delta Spirit, kicked off the second leg of their tour in Salt Lake City. The show was energetic and the venue is small. They rocked.

A date night that ends with a rock star hanging from the rafters? Not bad for a Monday night.

Stay tuned for more Life List progress!

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