Sunshine and goodbyes.

Today is a stunning day.


The sun is shining, and the grass is getting greener by the second. I hear happy birds chattering away through my open window. Flowers are everywhere, and I’m wearing a sundress and no shoes.



I said goodbye to my sister today. We had a fantastic weekend and, as predicted, my heart feels a little bit empty now that she’s back on a plane to L.A.



But on a day like today, I think I’ll pour a glass of wine, sit on the porch with Cholula, and take it slow. I’m already giggling to myself, remembering random moments from the past few days. I guess these times together are that much more meaningful because they aren’t very often. Besides, I have too much to be grateful for to be blue.

But don’t think I didn’t consider making her miss her plane. Just for one more day.

(Weekend recap ahead!)

*Quote from the book jacket of “Friends” by Edward Monkton.

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