A tale of two Sundays.

One week ago, my stroll through Durango on Easter morning was spring at its finest.


The warm weather had the flowers soaking in the sunshine and there was a low hum of busy, buzzing bees in the apricot trees. Kids were hula-hooping in their yards, and pelotons of bikers outnumbered cars on the roads. A man wearing Vans with dreadlocks sped past on his skateboard, coffee in hand. (He was probably 45 years old. I love this town.) I happened upon a fairy’s house in a tree trunk as I ambled past the rows of adorable homes, hearing the squeals of an egg hunt on the next block.







Later, I enjoyed a holiday meal with my family followed by dessert outside by the pond. Sometimes it’s hard not to agree with the saying, “Home is where your Mom is.”






Fast-forward to today.

It started, as every morning does, with me losing the battle of the bed.

I was then reminded that I am slow to awaken by this very alert beast, ready to play, before I’d even finished half of a cup of joe.

I showed my support for John’s hockey team, who are in the playoffs. (I actually do love sports myself.) The Flyers won today.

I sat in the Utah sunshine out on the patio, hoping for new freckles under this big blue sky.

I had a snack (Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar and crackers), picked some basil from my baby plant, and prepped a delish dinner. Have you tried the Boboli crust and pizza sauce? A few additions (oregano, garlic salt, crushed red pepper) and it makes for a great base for any toppings- an easy pizza dinner.

Tonight’s pizza had pancetta, garlic, orange pepper, shallot, tomato and mozzarella. I topped it with fresh arugula and shaved parmesan once it was baked and bubbly. (When the pancetta came out, I suddenly had a kitchen assistant. Shocking.) Foxglove Zinfandel was a perfect date for my slice.

Two yummy Sundays in a row!

(Oh, the food was good, too.)

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