2016 Goals

Happy 2016!

In 2015, I made a list of 40 semi-specific goals for the year (see it here). This year, with a baby arriving and completely changing life as we know it, I’d like to have a more general approach to “resolutions”- bigger picture items that I can work on throughout the year. My 2016 list will also include the items from 2015 that I couldn’t quite get to but would still like to accomplish, toned-down versions of my original goals. I’ve listed the topics I’d like to focus on for 2016 below with some more specific suggestions under each one. Most of all, I hope to remember to have fun and give thanks this year- it’s going to be unlike any other!

Continue to nurture my female friendships, near and far. It’s not always easy for women to find close friends, and it’s important to give current relationships the attention they need to thrive! I’d love to make some new memories with dear old friends and forge some new local friendships this year.

  • Make tamales with Nancy
  • Hike to the Hollywood sign with Amanda
  • Paint with Allison
  • Take a girls-only vacation (even if it’s just overnight!)
  • Connect with other mommies for activities


Expand my culinary prowess. My inspiration in the kitchen waned right along with my energy level toward the end of 2015, but cooking allows me to tap into my creative side (and eat well). I hope to keep challenging myself to try new things and share my discoveries with friends around the table.

  • Learn to jar/can homemade stuff
  • Make homemade pasta with John
  • Make homemade food for our baby
  • Try one new recipe each month
  • Host a dinner party each season


Reignite my passion for the written word. I once related my writing inspiration to a wave in the ocean: I ride it where it takes me when it comes along. This year, I had plenty to write about but much of it felt to personal to share at the time. My goal is to be aware of the shareable, relatable moments of 2016 and creatively describe them in a relevant way. New parenthood should provide plenty of topics! I also have a stack of books that are not pregnancy-related that I’d like to tackle.

  • Get back in the writing saddle and add to my portfolio
  • Continue work on my book projects
  • Read at least 5 new books

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.26.53 PM (2)

Embrace life with a newborn. John and I have a goal to continue to do the things we love together, even as exhausted new parents. We realize that it might take more effort to tote around our little critter, but believe it will enhance our happiness and acclimate our child to doing stuff. Here’s hoping!

  • Get outside 3-4 times each week. My recent third trimester mantra has been “one mile is better than none” and I’ll continue telling myself that after baby comes.
  • Go camping. Life is already a tad tight in Betty with two adults and Cholula, but it’s a big part of our lives that we want to experience with our children from the get-go!
  • Travel as much as possible. We have family on the other side of the country who need to get to know Baby Howe, plus we hear that we should travel a lot when our child is teeny because it’s easier!

IMG_1666 travelCollage

Challenge myself to try something new. Time will be scarce during our first year as parents, but to grow as a human, I feel it’s important to always be learning. There’s so much I’d love to know more about!

  • Learn more about my DSLR camera- a must with a new baby!
  • Take a pottery class
  • Tap into my crafty side throughout the year
  • Try a new form of exercise- hot yoga, barre method, reformer pilates, trail-running

Pay it forward. We are so blessed. Even pre-baby, it’s easy to become stuck in our own little bubble. I want to focus on taking the gratitude I feel daily and sharing it with others, which could take many forms.

  • Volunteer at a local charity
  • Donate things we truly don’t need to those who do
  • Do something meaningful for others each month

Remember myself. I think new moms might be the worst at self-care, but as someone who has seen friends neglect themselves for the sake of everyone else, I know that it’s vital. I love this quote: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

  • Schedule time away from the baby to hike, reconnect with friends, get a pedicure, read, or otherwise rejuvenate.
  • Seek balance between home, husband, baby, dog, friends, and myself.
  • Find humor in everything and laugh at life’s surprises!
  • Forgive myself and others for mistakes, misunderstandings, shortcomings, or failures.

IMG_1277 JBCollage

Oh, and give my husband back the generous love he gives me daily. #smooch

Cheers to an incredible year ahead! What are your goals? Share with me!

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