the usual bliss

today is the happiest day

Bliss bits 9/5.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

Here are the little bits of my week that made me smile! 


Better Burger Truck: best burgers in town!


 I’ll wake up when I want to wake up, thank you.


 Lunch date at Mazza.


 En route to a wine and cheese pairing. WOO HOO!


 Uber-organized beauty drawer.


 Our home feels so different with REAL TREES!


 100 ways to make John fall in love with me all over again.


 Yay football season! (Pats vs. Giants = Me vs. John)


 That splash is my Wonder Diving Dog.


 Oh, hello, rainy day.


 One of at least 13 tries to get a self-portrait on our hike. Wait, is that a chipmunk…?


 I love a man who cooks. John’s “peeps” chicken sammie. Delish!


 Tree pose at Snowbird Resort.


 Delectable lunch before wedding hair and makeup trial. FUN.

You know. Just the usual bliss.


  1. Will and Eko

    You’re about as likely to take a self portrait photo with your dog on the first try as you are to find a unicorn. It’s impossible for them, there’s always something more interesting than the camera.

    • Haha, maybe I will find a unicorn AND get a stellar self-portrait on the same day…or not. For some reason, I always think I can make a noise or get her attention to look toward the camera! I’m happy to know she’s totally stimulated by the environment…!

  2. those chicken sammies look delicious! definitely blissful living [plus I always love Cholula pics!]

  3. I like the tree pose photo :)

    • I am surprised that I caught him balanced like that!

  4. Your makeup drawer puts me to shame! Good work my friend:) Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

    • My makeup drawer is actually MUCH smaller- those are all serums and creams and potions for skin. Oh, and a big pile of yummy soaps (total addiction) and candles!! I hope you have a great weekend, too! I’ll be in LA next weekend!

  5. Nice tree pose! LOL The first pic of Cholula is a riot. The 2nd one’s pretty cute too. Sorry to not have enough time to skulk your blog these days. I’ll be back when I have some wine and about 5 hours to myself!! :)

    • I’ve missed your comments! Wine and solitude sounds nice…!

  6. I’m baaaaaack!! Looooove the trees in front of the house :), the tree pose is amazing and that sandwich – YUMMO

    • I can’t wait for the trees to come in next year and get all big and awesome!

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