the usual bliss

today is the happiest day

Marshmallow King.

But before we get to that…

A productive Monday ended with a grilled vegetable panini party! Do you have a panini-maker? Get one- they rock! Mine is called the Griddler. With a name like that, food HAS to be fun!


For Meatless Monday, I fired up the indoor grill (my new best friend). I grilled zucchini, yellow peppers, and red onion. The veggies were going to have a panini date with some ciabatta bread, a little pesto, some roasted tomatoes, and mozzarella.




For a little snack while I cooked, I pan-fried Halloumi cheese. It’s a solid Greek cheese that is meant to be grilled, but it’s really tasty when crisped up in a pan with a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper.



Grilling the vegetables was a piece of cake, but was actually the hardest part of the panini process. From there, all I had to do was assemble the sammie and let the Griddler do its thing!





A panini-maker grills the sandwich from both sides, pressing everything together into a little bundle that’s melty and hot on the inside and crispy on the outside. Any bread works. Any fillings work. And here’s what you get:



YUM! Add an arugula salad on the side, and presto! A meatless miracle! 

And now… about this post’s title.

Congrats to the Los Angeles Kings who won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history! I grew up outside of LA and even hit a Kings game once. (I spent most of the game trying to stalk locate an injured Wayne Gretzky who was definitely somewhere in the building, but that’s another story.) Despite the hardcore Philadelphia Flyers fan in this household, the Kings played incredible hockey deserved to win the Cup.

Oh, and then there was this.





Is it s’mores? Is it Heaven? Kind of both- it’s a variation on Joy the Baker’s Toasted Marshmallow Squares. (If you aren’t reading her blog, you should be!)

After a yummy gooey sandwich, I’ve got yummy gooey dessert. Happy Monday, indeed.


  1. Oooooh my word. Why did I look at this on an empty stomach?! It all looks so good!!

  2. My mouth is seriously watering and my brain is thinking lunch or dessert; which first – ha! Thanks for sharing & Have a Great Day:)

  3. Ok…mouth is watering..if only I could eat through the photos #blinksofbliss

    • So the original recipe was to use jam or fruit preserves instead of Nutella! I also added cinnamon to the shortbread cookie part. It was awesome. A quick pop into the microwave turned into a gooey heaven!

  4. This looks DELICIOUS!!!! I am salivating :) Thanks for sharing!

    • So yum! The original was made with fruit preserves instead of Nutella- so many options! It could be like camping but not going camping for you… :)

  5. I’m dying to try Joy’s recipe!

  6. I now use my Forman grill as a panini maker thanks to Nikki :) who gave me the idea.


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